Sunday, 2 September 2012

How Did It Start??

How did I end up here in India???  Good question!!  All I can say is LOVE is borderless!!  

As a kid I had only been threatened by my mum that if I don't do well in school, she'll send me to a boarding school in India where I'll have to milk the cow & make dung patties in a dingy & dirty village far from my parents & friends.

That threat used to "scare the living daylights" out of me!!  I used to fear India like the plague!!!  Anyway, that was ions ago,and now the so called nightmare has actually come true....

Well, I wouldn't actually call it a nightmare, it's more like my search for my better half has ended.  

 Yup, I guess I'm one of those lucky girls who has finally found her better half.  Yes, I can say that after 36 years, my international search finally ended in India with my darling husband Mr Vijay James @ Bunny.  

My Bunny & Me...
 Bunny and I had been communicating with each other for about 5 years before I agreed to marry him.  

We met each other on a matrimonial site and that's when our whirlwind romance started.  

Yeah, ours was surely a whirlwind romance that started when I responded to Bunny's interest in my profile.  I remember when I saw his photo on the site, my heart was filled with so much of compassion and respect for him.  I knew deep in my heart that differently abled people are genuine people with huge, big hearts.  I knew this as I was working with people with intellectual disabilities at that time.  My students were wonderful people with so much of love.  They were just special people who wanted everyone to just love them for who they are and not be misunderstood. 

My Sweet Hubby
Bunny is differently abled in the sense that he is 60% orthopaedically disabled.  Both his legs are polio affected and he walks around with the help of callipers and under arm crutches. 

After accepting Bunny, both of us started communicating with each other over Yahoo Chat.  I remember chatting with Bunny for hours, but we were not really "committed" to each other.  We decided to keep our options open as were also speaking to other people besides each other.

After a few months of knowing each other, both of us got marriage proposals from other people.  Bunny got a proposal from a French lady & I got a proposal from an American guy.  We conveyed this to each other and then decided to stop communicating with each other as we were going to get busy establishing our own lives.  We wished each other well and parted as good friends.

As fate would have it, both of us did not get married eventually as something or other happened and the proposals did not materialize.  

We then met each other online one fine day by chance.  That was when we realized that both of us were still single and we started laughing at each other and that's when we started chatting with each other again.

We were still not "exclusive" to each other.  I was still seeing other prospects and Bunny knew about it.  He would in fact encourage me to settle with someone else should I find another man who would love me more.  That's when I traveled the world looking for love, but love would always evade me as my true love was just like Richard Marx's song "Right Here Waiting" for me.  

My Bunny is a man with a huge heart.  His love is endless and boundless.  He never once tried to force his ideas or opinions of me.  He would always listen to all my escapades with much interest and tell me to search for my happiness and that he would always be there for me.  

Then I had to face a very trying patch in my professional life.  It was at that point of time that I craved for someone to be a shoulder to cry on.  I needed someone who would just hold me tight and comfort me and be there for me.  I found that in Bunny.  In my desperation, I called him up in India one day.  He just gave me all his time and listened to me.  That was when he told me "I'm here for you baby, just close your eyes and jump, I will catch you."

That started me thinking...... was this man to be believed?  Would he be like all the other men I had met?  Would he also desert me after some time?  I didn't have the answers, but it didn't bother me either as I was too busy solving my professional problem.

Finally when the problem was solved, I took some time away to re-evaluate my life and that's when I realised that was living a very lonely life.  I had already lost my parents some time ago and I am an only child, I don't have any siblings to call my own and then it hit me that I actually had nobody in this world to call my own.  Where is my life headed, what will happen in my old age, who will be there for me?  I didn't have any answers and that scared the hell out of me! 

I really wanted to belong to somebody and that's why I'd been around the world looking for love, but love always eluded me.  I used to wonder why?  Why was I always so unlucky in love?  If u ask me now, I know why all those relationships ended because my true love was still waiting for me behind the scene.  Silently watching over me like a guardian angel, and that's what Bunny is to me MY GUARDIAN ANGEL.  

I then made up my mind, I DON'T WANT TO DIE ALONE!!!  I don't want to be alone for the rest of my life.  I decided to give Bunny a try and both us had a heart to heart talk.  Again he told me the same thing, to jump.  I told him that I would and he was delighted!!

The day I booked my tickets, I called Bunny to inform him about the date of my arrival and he was over the moon.  That was the day he told mum that he would give up all his vices (smoking, drinking & chewing pan) just for me.  Yup, he totally changed himself just for me.  I'm truly the luckiest girl on this earth!!  All because one day when we were talking, I just commented that I don't like smokers or drinkers.  I never knew that Bunny smoked or drank, but just because of my comment, he gave it all up for me.  Till today, my dear husband has kept his word and is still free from all his vices.  It's now been 4 years!!

The day I left Singapore for India (29 September 2008) was again another day filled with turbulence, not only in the air, but also in my heart.  My flight was delay 8 long hours and I had to sit it out at the airport and kept updating Bunny about the situation.  My heart was turbulent because I kept questioning myself if this was God's way of telling me not to leave home and go into uncharted territory!!!

During my last call to Bunny, I told him that if I don't see him at the airport when I arrive, I will immediately turn around and take the next flight back to Singapore.  He again assured me that he would be there waiting for me no matter what!!

When I finally landed in Delhi, it was already 1 am Indian time.  I was dead tired, but still had to collect my baggage & go through custom.  When I finally got out of the airport terminal, I didn't see any Bunny, but just a guy who came up to me and asked me if I was Jacqueline!  I had been warned before coming to be careful in India.  There are very smooth operating pick-pockets and thieves who will steal from under your nose.  I was very conscious about my surroundings.  

So, as I was saying, this guys just asks me if I'm Jacqueline and he just walks away with my trolley fully laden with 2 of my suitcases and my lap top on the top!!  I was just about to throw my high heeled shoes at the guy when I felt and warm hug from behind!!  It was mum! I didn't recognise her as I'd never seen her, but she introduced herself as Vijay's mum.  Boy was I relieved!!  Finally I can relax and stop being paranoid.  She then took me to the other side to meet my Bunny!!  He was standing there with a pretty bouquet in his hands.  I was more relieved to see him than anything else!  

We immediately got into the taxi and made our way to Chandigarh.  Oh, by the way, the guy who walked away with my trolley was none other than the taxi driver.  As there were 2 exits, Bunny sent him to the other exit to "catch" me.  

When I finally settled down in the taxi, I just didn't bother about anything.  I knew that I was in the arms of my beloved who said he would catch me and he did.  That's when I threw all caution to the wind and just went to sleep in my Bunny's strong arms.  I slept for 5 whole hours all the way from Delhi to Chandigarh.  

After 18 days of falling into my Bunny's arms safely, we were married!!  I know it was super-fast, but both of us didn't want to waste much time.  We knew that we loved each other unconditionally and only wanted each other for the rest of our lives.  As they say in fairy tales, we are living happily ever after...


  1. Wow, Jacqueline, the story is just amazing! I so understand all your feelings you described! So well written... very emotional. Thanks for sharing it with the world!!!

    1. Thanks Sweetie,

      Hope you're enjoying yourself in Gurgaon!! It's the end of the day in the office and I'm getting ready to go home.

      I know you'll be able to understand all the feelings as u too must have had a similar experience.

    2. Well, thanks, I had a great one :)
      See you soon and I am eagerly waiting for your next posts!