Friday, 14 September 2012

Rain In The Hills

The clouds had come down on the hills & we were heading there...

The rain coming down hard on the windscreen

It was a lazy rainy Sunday morning, I was huddled under the blanket enjoying the rain pelting down on our roof.  Then hubby turns around hugs me & suggests taking a drive to the hills IN THE RAIN!!  Crazy right?  Nah!  

I immediately jumped out of bed upon hearing his suggestion.  Being the absolute adventure junkie that I am, I pounced on his suggestion before he could change his mind.  I have always wanted to take a drive to the hills in the rain, but have always been afraid to suggest it to hubby because of the danger!!  Now that he's suggested it, why not?

Both of us quickly showered & changed and got ready for the wet drive up the hills on the newly constructed highway from Panchkula all the way up to Timber Trails.  

The New Highway

As we took the nice l-o-n-g wet drive up the hills hubby & I were just enjoying the almost empty roads & the rain beating down on our car.  We had the MP3 player on with some slow love songs & oldies (some in English & some in Hindi).

I was literally touching the clouds as we drove up

As hubby was driving up the winding road, I was enjoying myself "playing" with the clouds as we wound our way up.  I just felt like a little girl once again & hubby was enjoying himself just driving uphill.  For the first time, I really enjoyed the rain, the clouds & the drive so much.  We had always driven up on dry weather, never in the rain.
After the rains, u can literally see a small stream of water coming down the hill

Magnificent view of the hills

We finally stopped half way at McDonald's for our brunch as it was already nearly noon.  It was sooo nice & cold as I ran from the car into the restaurant.  We enjoyed our warm brunch of Spicy Chicken meal (for hubby) & Filet-O-Fish meal (for moi) with a side of hot coffee & some chicken McNuggets.

The main altar of Christ Church In Kasauli

 We really had a nice & FULL brunch and then made our way up to Kasauli.  The weather up in Kasauli was just AWESOME!!!  It was soooo cold, it felt just like early winters once again.  The rain that was coming down was really icy cold water!!  I just stood outside the church enjoying the rain drops on my face!!

The side altar where I lit candles
The church in Kasauli is really old school looking, or should I say old church looking!  It's got the traditional look of a church with it's stained glass windows, steeple & all, I really like that!!  I think this church was built somewhere in the 1800's when the Brits were still in India.  

Cute little monkeys we saw along the way...

I like the cute baby in the middle..

On our way down hill, the rain was beginning to stop and that's when the naughty monkey's came out to play on the road and I caught a few of them posing for the camera!!  Don't they look cute?  I understand they can be quite ferocious, so my advise to anyone wanting to cuddle them, is DON'T...  they carry diseases too, that's what hubby says.  But I just think they look quite cute, I wouldn't want to take them home.

I love the different shades of color on the horizon

The horizon looks just GREAT!


  1. Jacqueline, this is a nice post! Being in the hills during rainy weather is awesome, you are right! good you listened to your hubby and had great time with him up hills :) be ready for a new amazing experience in the mountains soon :)

  2. Yeah, I'll have to wait till October to go up to the hills again.

    1. this is fine. if something didn't happen, its for good too.

  3. Hi, Jackie! Nice news, you've been awarded a Liebster blog award, check out my post
    Have a lovely day ahead!